Tech Can Be Stressful

Computers, cell phones, and mp3 players can be great tools for work and pleasure, however on the down side there is so many options. Then there is managing websites, pictures, music, banking information, social networking, not to mention all the passwords that are required for security purposes. Oh yes, there is the 100’s of spam emails and then ten or so emails that need my attention. 

An IV of caffeine helps make those long hours more bearable. 

It is not just managing the content, it is four hours of reviewing 1000’s of lines of code to find how why when a action button is clicked upon my web browser crashes. When that is fixed, I get a phone call from a client whose’s computer keeps locking up after using Limewire.

No end, no rest, more caffeine.

My wife drags me off to bed, because I have been up 24 hours straight. I lay there awake from all that caffeine.

The answer to that coding problem, just came to me. I need to put a space between the action and file name.

Saturday morning and three days behind in work that I need to get done. No it is time to rest and relax and watch Zula Patrol on TV.  


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