64, Dual Core, XP or Vista

This Christmas I have seen a lot of shoppers for new computers. Many of them are questioning what they see in the store. They hear one thing from their computer literate friends, and something else from the salesman at the computer store.

Below are some basic facts that may help you in your shopping for your family members new computer.

  1. Processors are dual core and 64 bit – this is good
  2. Hard drives are over 100 Gigabyte in size – don’t accept anything less unless you are looking for a bargain factory refurbished computer.
  3. Vista – you are stuck with it. Well, you can order from DELL certain computers with the old Windows XP operating system. Relax there are a lot of people who like Vista and have been using it for months.
  4. LCD Monitor – get one. There are ready for the home user. Prices are down. They are reliable and energy efficient. Some even have 3 year warranties.
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