What does it take to cross the bridge?

2016 06-05

Get Ready It’s Coming

Its ComingComing on July 1st, there will be a global change. As the sun rises across this beloved planet, there will be thousands of men and women taking on roles that will affect millions. Only a very few news agencies will take notice to this event.

In a modest white walled room, there are twenty men and women in this room. A small town in northern Utah hosted twenty men and women with a purpose. They met for a total of six hours. When six hours were over, they walked to their cars and drove to their places of origin. On the drive home,  the twenty men and women review over what they have learned. Each of them have a big role for what takes place on July 1st.

The meeting  went un-noticed by Homeland Security. The FBI didn’t even send one agent to observe or learned what happened during the meeting. What could be so eventful that would affect millions of people and yet go so unnoticed?  Could this agencies who are sworn to protect us be so blind? What could so impact that the news media couldn’t take notice?

Well, my friend, thousands of volunteers have answered the call to serve millions. These millions have chosen to lay on the plain of reservation. They have chosen to move forward and better themselves and those around them. These millions have chosen these thousands to lead them to be improve their leadership and speaking skills, with the end goal of making the billions of people on our planet a stronger and more positive place for us all.

Every year, Toastmasters clubs from around the world elect a new set of officers. The officers gather for advancement training. That training is taken back to the clubs to be leaders as servants to teach and lead, and everyone of their members.

2016 03-16

I really want to know


2016 02-15

Crossing the Bridge in Life

Crossing the Bridge

We go through life crossing the bridge that takes from one experience to another experience. The road leading up to the bridge may be short and steep while other roads long and flat. Many of the bridges are life changing. The results of crossing the bridge realized until some time later. Events leading to that bridge were set in motion days months and maybe years before.

The first division and cell growth started nine months before a baby crosses the bridge to a whole new world. Twelve years of schooling takes place before high school graduation day. Years of dating, courtship, and weeks of planning before the bridge that takes place on a wedding day. Years of planning and hard work take place walking into the door of that dream job.

Many, many years ago, I was told to, “Stay on the course you are headed”. It is not always easy to put my best foot forward in a job or situation I find myself. I had to look  at one little aspect of the not so fun situation and build on the positive.

If you have ever worked in a call center, you know it can be a lot of pressure and not fun. I spent two months short of eight years working in a call center. I needed to work there to learn customer service and to practice my communication skills.  I have often written about how Toastmasters has taught me better communication and leadership skills. Working in a call center forced me to put those skills into practice on a daily basis.

I have not reached the mountain to of communication and leadership. Today, I have crossing the bridge to the type of work I love to do. Toastmaster and the call center were not the end. They were the means to an end.  For me the end is helping people with their computer security. Not as a passive hobby, but as an active instructor and helper.

2015 11-26

I am Thankful for a Toilet Seat

Toilet SeatThanksgiving is a time of the year we give thanks for all those blessing in our lives. This year I must give pause and give thanks for the toilet seat. Can you image what life would be like without the toilet seat? Can you picture yourself getting up in the morning and set you bare backend on a cold porcelain toilet?

You may ask as to what prompted me to pause for giving thanks to the toilet seats. You see a few days ago I had the need to change our toilet seat. One of the hinges broke. As the man of the house it fell upon me to do the chore.

It happened, I stopped by the local Walmart, one evening. I decided to explore the possibility that Walmart would carry toilet seats, after all they carry just about everything else. I found the aisle where Walmart has some plumbing accessories. To my amazement, there were twelve different toilet seats. Four different styles and colors in three different sizes. I just stood there for several minutes perplexed as to which one was the right replacement for ours. (more…)

2015 02-24

No Man is an Island. No One Stands Alone.

No Man is a IslandNo man is an island. We are not alone. How often do the ghostly waves of doubt, fear, anger, and resentment start to overwhelm us. For some of us it is when we are standing at our front door getting ready to face the day. Then that special someone comes along side puts their hand on our shoulder, the day seems not so overwhelming.

I remember it was a few days before Christmas. The year was 1972. I was standing next to the freeway on ramp. It was just outside of Albuquerque New Mexico. My stretch out with my thumb in the air. I was in a place where I should not of have been. All I wanted was to have someone come alongside and give me a ride north of Reno Nevada. I wanted to get home for Christmas. (more…)

2014 10-18

Michaelbrent Collings and Run

RunI have read a couple Steven King and watch a couple of the classic horror movies. In my mind horror has always been blood and guts B rated movies. My perspective of horror as a genre all changed when I attended a workshop by Michaelbrent Collings and read his book Run.

For those of you who don’t know Michaelbrent Collings, he is a writer of horror. He is a noted bestselling author, screenwriter and writing instructor.

It was the beginning of September, when I saw, on Facebook, several of my friends was attending this writing workshop in a nearby city. My schedule happens to be free on that day. Since my daughter wants to be a writer, I thought it would be a good father/daughter outing. (more…)

2014 08-07

Toastmaster Leadership Institute Behind the Scenes

Toastmaster Leadership Training

Every year there is twice where Toastmasters club officers sharpen their skills. The event is call Toastmasters Leadership Institute or TLI for short. This past July 26, 2014, at the Albertsons Corporate offices in Boise Idaho on such event took place.

I stood in the back of the room looking over a 100 men and women. Each one was there with one goal in mind. They was to improve their communication and leadership skills. In doing so they were committed to taking what they learned back to their clubs. I was standing in the back of the smiling because I lead the team who put on the event. (more…)

2014 06-05

Empathy Encouragement with Enthusiasm

Dr EmpathyShowing empathy and encouragement with enthusiasm can really help someone who is hurting.  There is so much hurt and problems in this world. I found I can relieve a very small portion of that hurt, just by the words that come out of my mouth.

Most of my life I have had a talent for fixing things that were electrical in nature. I found I got a great deal of satisfaction went I fixed something for the people around me. It has been only recently I have discovered that fixing an electrical/mechanical device  is not enough. I had to help repair their emotions of that device’s owner.

Learning to help people repair their emotions was beyond my current knowledge level. I had to reach out to Dr Empathy.


2014 05-16

George Bemius Gives Value Added Comedy

I started out with George Bemius as a means to tell a story. The story was of Mark Twain’s trip from St Joe Missouri westward. When I performed that speech, I was amazed how people laughed at the character. In my next few speeches, I told a story from the perspective of George Bemius. Then a few weeks later I performed a couple of speeches as George Bemius. When I performed a humorous speech as a target speech at a speech contest, I was asked, if I performed George Bemius outside of Toastmasters. (more…)